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Kyle Rayner

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April 15th, 2011

You're doing whatever the hell it is you do, when all of a sudden a colored ring flies out of the sky and... seems to know your name. Woah. It offers you great power of some sort.

Here's the thing, though. You've been chosen. You can't say no.




Pick one of the colors below based on your character's personality (ie, characters with temper problems get Red, greedy characters get Orange, etc)


Roll 1-9 on the randomizer and go with whatever one you get.

Your character now has a POWER RING of the appropriate color and the POWERS that go along with it... along with any of the NASTIER SIDE EFFECTS.


All lanterns gain the ability to fly, to project a minor force field over their skin that lets them survive the vaccum of space and protects them from blows, to shoot energy lasers/energy blasts, to generate solid light constructs based on anything they can imagine, and a totally sweet costume.

۩ RED ۩

You have great RAGE within your heart

With blood and rage of crimson red,
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
Together with our hellish hate,
We'll burn you all--That is your fate!

YOU ARE ANGRY. HOLY SHIT, YOU ARE SO ANGRY. Rage consumes you, fills you. Someone has WRONGED YOU, and you are thus possessed with the insatiable urge to wreak vengeance on whoever wrought the wronging... and anyone else. EVERYONE else.
You vomit out all of your blood, which is replaced by searing-hot red light. If your heart is removed, your ring will keep you alive. You are an UNSTOPPABLE KILLING MACHINE.
You have the ability to VOMIT YOUR OWN BLOOD – which is now basically LAVA. Yes. You can vomit lava. If you are particularly strong-willed, you can create chaotic constructs fueled by your fury, but you're probably not sane enough to think about that. Fortunately, you DO NOT KNOW PAIN, you DO NOT KNOW FEAR, you can take RETARDED AMOUNTS OF DAMAGE and you can VOMIT LAVA OKAY. The RAGE OF OTHERS only FUELS YOUR POWER – each person you inspire to anger only makes you STRONGER.

Blue Lanterns can temporarily restore your sanity. If a Violet Lantern fills you with the light of TRUE LOVE, the ring's hold over you will break... but then you'll die from blood loss (whoops!) unless a Blue Lantern shows up to fix that little problem.


You WANT and you WANT and you WANT


YOU ARE GREEDY. YOU WANT EVERYTHING. All of the things. They'll be yours. Your precioussss. You want all of them! Technically there's only supposed to be one of you, but somebody fucked up the bookkeeping. You are consumed by greed and a need to own everything. Your fellow lanterns? You want their stuff, too. Their rings, especially. Gotta catch 'em all.

You can wield and shape energy constructs like any other lantern, but you have a special limitation. You can duplicate the powers (excluding lantern powers), abilities, and appearance of ANY being who you kill utilizing your constructs. In effect, you STEAL THEIR ESSENCE. They become yours, now and forever. You can, hypothetically, summon an ARMY of these bastards. Finally, you can simply ABSORB Green constructs – they have no effect on you whatsoever. On the other hand, you can't do the same to BLUE or INDIGO constructs.


You have the ability to instill great FEAR

In blackest day, in brightest night,
Beware your fears made into light
Let those who try to stop what's right,
Burn like his power... Sinestro's might!

You love to CAUSE FEAR in others. You always have. You were chosen because of this, and the ring doesn't change that. It just enables you. You live to see the terror in your victim's eyes, to watch them tremble before your might.

Your ring powers are identical to GREEN LANTERN rings, save that you probably have a penchant for making your constructs COMPLETELY FUCKING TERRIFYING. Furthermore, if a Green Lantern allows too much fear into their heart, you can wipe out their constructs. BLUE LANTERNS can drain your power.


You have the capacity for great WILL

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power...
Green Lantern's Light!

You are one STRONG WILLED motherfucker. You always have been, in whatever capacity. You never give up. You never surrender. You believe in whatever it is you believe fully and completely. The ring just verifies and empowers that.

You have no super special abilities, unlike the other lanterns (save Yellow) but your ability to make CONSTRUCTS is unmatched. You can literally create ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE. For some of you that means... well, just LASERS AND SHIT, but for others it means elegant and intricate creations. Granted, the MORE COMPLEX or MORE POWERFUL the thing you are creating is, the more power and will it takes. Kyle Rayner once said he could split an atom, if he tried hard enough... but that's not the kind of thing you just DO ON A WHIM.

YELLOW constructs can slice through your defenses if you don't KEEP YOUR WILL STRONG. But other than that, you're pretty good.

۝ BLUE ۝

You have the power to inspire HOPE

In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars-- For hope burns bright!

You are HOPEFUL. It is impossible to get you down – you know, no matter what, there is always HOPE. You are a beacon, inspiring to others around you.

Your power requires the presence of others. Alone, you are only capable of flight and the protective aura. Near a GREEN LANTERN, though, you can draw on their great WILL to come into INCREDIBLE POWER, gaining the ability to USE CONSTRUCTS as well as OTHER ABILITIES. You POWER UP Green Lantern rings, raising them to up to 200% of their normal power. You can HEAL WOUNDS and REPAIR OBJECTS, and the more HOPEFUL people are around you, the more POWERFUL YOUR HEALING BECOMES – two Blue Lanterns managed to SAVE A DYING SUN because of the sheer power of the HOPE of the people on the planet of that sun. You can temporarily RESTORE SANITY to Red Lanterns, temporarily HALT THE ALL-CONSUMING GREED of Orange Lanterns, and DRAIN THE POWER of Yellow Lanterns.

But again, your power only works if a GREEN LANTERN is near to help you... better go find one!


You are capable of great COMPASSION

Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur,
Natromo faan wot ur.
Ter Lantern ker lo Abin Sur,
Taan lek lek nok--Formorrow Sur!

You are COMPASSIONATE – in fact, thanks to your new RING, that's ALL YOU CAN FEEL ANYMORE. Let's be clear on this – COMPASSION doesn't just mean you WANT TO HELP EVERYBODY – in this specific case, it means you have EXTREME EMPATHY and you understand the motivations of others on an instinctive level, but you're also CAPABLE OF MAINTAINING ENOUGH DISTANCE that you aren't affected by those emotions. You are calm and detached, yet eternally cognizant of what everyone around you feels and why they are feeling it.

You get to carry around a REALLY COOL STICK in addition to your RING. You use your STICK and RING to CREATE YOUR CONSTRUCTS, but also to CHANNEL THE POWERS OF OTHERS. Red Lantern nearby? You CHANNEL THEIR RAGE. Green? CHANNEL THEIR WILL. That's what you're about – feeling the emotions of others, but not getting consumed by those emotions.

In addition, you can see when others have great compassion within them; and force those who have no compassion to feel it. You can heal the wounds of those who have great compassion (though not as well as Blue Lanterns); and can conversely force people to feel the pain they've inflicted on other people. Finally, in emergencies you can teleport yourself across THE ENTIRE FUCKING GALAXY, but you don't do this often as it TAKES A LOT OF POWER.


You have experienced great LOVE
For hearts long lost and full of fright,
For those alone in blackest night,
Accept our ring and join our fight,
Love conquers all-- with violet light!

You've felt great LOVE, and the power ring you've gotten from it has made you SLIGHTLY LOOPY and put you in a SKANKY OUTFIT. Love conquers all! Love must be spread to all! For the most part, you are on the good guy's side, but sometimes your overpowering LOVE can turn you into a creepy stalker or one of those weird LOVE FREAKS. Or take control of you completely. Still! For the most part, you are one of the good guys.

In addition to the usual ability to CREATE CONSTRUCTS, you can IMPRISON PEOPLE IN CRYSTALS which will SLOWLY CONVERT THEM to your cult into fellow VIOLET LANTERNS, overriding any and all of their previous emotions and filling them with LOVE instead. Some can resist this process, but most don't. You can tell when someone who is in love or loved is in jeapordy, locate that person, then create a connection from the loved to the lover to protect them. You can show others their TRUE LOVE. You can TELEPORT to escape attackers, and when your CONSTRUCTS are destroyed they release a disorienting dust. Finally, you can RAISE THE DEAD by drawing power from someone who LOVES THE DEAD PERSON.

Unfortunately, as said earlier, the sheer power of LOVE can make you a bit LOOPY AND OBSESSIVE at times...


... R I S E ...

The Blackest Night falls from the skies,
The darkness grows as all light dies,
We crave your hearts and your demise,
By my black hand--The dead shall rise!

Once upon a time, you died. It happens. Then a BLACK RING flew onto your finger and ANIMATED YOUR CORPSE. You are now a ZOMBIE that emulates all the memories of your previous life, and is possessed of an insatiable hunger for HEARTS full of EMOTION. Unlike the other rings whose power comes from the LIGHT OF EMOTION, your power comes from its ABSENCE.

You have any powers you had in life, and gain new ones. You REGENERAGE at a ridiculous rate, and in fact cannot be killed save by COMBINING GREEN POWERS WITH ONE OTHER COLOR or by using PURE WHITE power. You use psychological warfare on the people you used to know, twisting them against themselves in an effort to get them to feel powerful emotions. You can only see by SEEING THE COLORS OF EMOTIONS PEOPLE FEEL. Emotionless individuals are invisible to you; and crazy people show up as the wrong colors.

Once you get someone to FEEL ENOUGH EMOTION, you RIP THEIR HEART out and EAT IT. They then RISE as a Black Lantern themselves. Even if you can't NOM THEIR HEARTS, your bite still infects people with a disease that turns them into a Black Lantern.



... l i v e ...



But this power is not without consequence. The WHITE LIGHT has an agenda of its own. As it restores people to life, it will insist that the WHITE LANTERNS force these people to LIVE THEIR LIVES AS THEY SEE FIT – generally in ways that should make them BETTER, STRONGER PEOPLE. If they refuse, the WHITE RING will REVOKE the life it has given.

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October 25th, 2009

07:42 pm - How's my driving?

Anon is ON, IP logging is OFF; comments are screened. Got an issue with my playing? Stick it here.

PLEASE NOTE! I am very new to the Green Lantern series and to the DC universe in general! If I've made some grievous error in how Kyle relates to another character (being a jerk when he shouldn't be or too nice or not realizing that he's met someone in canon) PLEASE please please let me know, and please explain what I've done wrong! I need all the help I can get to make Kyle work. I promise I don't bite.

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Kyle is a huge dork. Canonically, he references everything from Seinfeld to Alien to the Hulk; he's a giant Star Wars fan; heck, he creates constructs that look like Gundam, Transformers, and the Lagann from Teggen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Or however you spell it. It's canon, ssrly.

AS SUCH, Kyle may or may not pass out in fits of overgrown fanboy glee at your very existence. He also has a canon habit of fanboying other superheroes: he has an entire arc devoted to seeking them out and asking them for advice on how to do the hero thing right.


Is it OK for Kyle to fourthwall the heck out of you? If it's NOT okay for any reason, please let me know so I don't do it by accident.

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October 18th, 2009

11:31 pm
NAME: Teal
AGE: 22
JOURNAL: teal_deer
IM: Failscream @ AIM
E-MAIL: ryuutenshi@gmail.com
RETURNING: Returning; I play one character

CHARACTER NAME: Kyle Rayner, the Green Lantern
FANDOM: The Green Lantern Corps (DC Comics)
CHRONOLOGY: Just after the end of the Sinestro Corps War, before Blackest Night.

BACKGROUND: Kyle Rayner was a starving freelancer in Los Angeles when one day after a long night of partying to try to get himself to forget how empty his bank account was a small blue man in a funny red poncho stopped him in an alley and gave him a green ring. Kyle was extraordinarily confused, but then delighted when he found out that the ring gave him the power to create anything he could imagine. Being an optimistic and somewhat silly sort, he immediately set off to tell his ex-girlfriend, the photographer Alex DeWitt.

Alex was initially unimpressed, but later glad that her ex-boyfriend was actually doing something besides moping and complaining about his lack of commissions. She decided to help him actually get the hang of hero work, and supported him during the somewhat rocky initial weeks of his career. Slowly, they grew closer together, with Alex actually respecting Kyle and helping him to get publicity by taking photos of him as the new Green Lantern and posting them to newspapers.

Unfortunately, super hero girlfriends have a short shelf life. Major Force, a villain hired by some shadowy government agency with eyes on Kyle's power ring. Major Force murdered Alex, then left her shoved into the refrigerator for Kyle to find. Kyle, predictably, had a bit of a heroic BSOD before going off and kicking Major Force's ass.

However, Kyle was still in the midst of an existential crisis, wondering if what he was doing was at all worth it. Alan Scott appeared to him and explained a little more about the Green Lanterns (which Kyle knew almost nothing about) and comforted him, which managed to get Kyle back in the game. He had a number of adventures after this, including an incident where he was forced to fight Parallax and had to destroy Oa itself in order to stop the former Lantern. Lost in space following this incident, Kyle met a former lantern, a young woman. She was in despair because of Parallax killing off the entire Lantern Corps. Kyle tried to comfort her, but she stole his ring and left him alone and stranded on the planet. Later, she returned it, saying that it did not work for her. Once again, Kyle tried to comfort her, but she brushed him off... before shooting herself in the head in front of him.

Kyle then returned to Earth, where he met Guy Gardener for the first time. They teamed up to take down Major Force. Kyle refused to kill the villain, saying that he was a hero, and that to kill him would be wrong; Guy, however, had no such reservations. At the same time, Kyle did not stop guy from taking that action.

Kyle joined the Titans for a while, during which time he dated Donna Troy, met Jade, John Stewart, and Wally West. Initially, Kyle and Wally couldn't stand each other, but over time they gained grudging respect, and eventually became good friends. Unfortunately for Kyle (but perhaps fortunately for Donna) she broke up with him over a fight regarding him having a nude model in his apartment. Eventually, Donna returned, needing Kyle's help, and they got back together.

Kyle then met Connor Hawke, the current Green Arrow, and they bonded over their similar situations and histories. The two of them went on a trip to try to find Kyle's father, but ultimately did not succeed.

During the Final Night incident, Kyle went to find Hal Jordan, then Parallax, who sacrificed himself to re-ignite the sun. Kyle then fought a number of villains and had some adventures: he fought Fatality, met a Hal Jordan from the past, and met Jade, Allan Scott's daughter. Jade wanted to stay at Kyle's place, and unfortunately Donna became jealous and broke up with him again. Later, Jade and Kyle became romantically involved, and Kyle tried to re-start the Corps, with limited success. He gave Jade a Green Lantern ring anyway.

Kyle had a number of other adventures, including an incident where a number of alternate universe green lanterns, such as a version of Alex, had to help him with something before returning to their own universes.

For a brief period, Kyle became almost godlike after absorbing what he thought was the leftover energy of the sun after Hal Jordan sacrificed himself to re-ignite it. During this time, he became known as Ion. Unfortunately, these incredible powers came at the slow cost of his humanity. Kyle decided to abandon Ion's powers, restoring the Central Power Battery on Oa.

Shortly after this, Kyle Rayner was spent on a special mission to recover Hal Jordan's body from the center of the sun. During his journey, Kyle learned the truth about Parallax - it was, in truth, the living incarnation of fear itself, a parasite from the beginning of time. Kyle also met Kilowog and the other Lanterns, and finally got his first true assignment as a member of the Corps. After a horrible battle with Parallax possessing the Guardian Ganathet, Kyle and his fellow lanterns triumphed over the fear entity, imprisoning it once again.

During Infinite Crisis, Jade died, much to Kyle's sorrow - he had intended to marry her, even though they separated shortly before the events of Rebirth. With her dying breaths she passed the power of the Starheart onto Kyle, once again transforming him into Ion. Kyle is thus dubbed the Torchbearer, the Lantern who bore the light of the Corps when no one else could. He also begins to realize that Ion is in fact a separate entity from him, some sort of symbiont life form, but he does not realize the extent of this until much later.

Kyle discovered something strange - a yellow power ring. Before he could report this phenomenon to the Guardians, he was teleported to the antimatter universe of Qward. There, Kyle encountered Sinestro and his new Sinestro Corps. At first, Kyle had no problem overcoming his inner fears and fighting them, but they soon overwhelmed him with sheer force of numbers. Sinestro proceeded to rip Ion from within Kyle - revealing that Ion was a being like Parallax, save a benevolent one, the living incarnation of willpower itself and the ultimate source of the power of the Green Lanterns. Sinestro then revealed that his corps were responsible for the death of Kyle's mother, something which had been causing him great internal pain. The fear of losing his loved ones - he had lost so many - utterly overwhelmed him, and in this moment of weakness the Parallax entity possessed him.

Kyle was eventually freed with the help of Guy Gardener and Hal Jordan, though not until Parallax completely traumatized him. Even so, one of the Guardians asked him if he would like to return to the corps, and Kyle quickly agreed. It is shortly after this point that Kyle is entering the city.

PERSONALITY: Kyle is, at heart, a big kid. Despite the horrors he's faced, he still loves being a hero, loves the attention, and loves helping people. Despite being the sort who craves recognition, he doesn't let it get to his head, and manages not to be arrogant or pushy. He is, in fact, a very sweet person, though he can sometimes come off as utterly clueless. Kyle tries to remain cheerful even in desperate or dire situations and keeps up a facade of bravado, but this masks deep fears concerning his loved ones. Kyle has lost many friends, family, and lovers in his time, and he deeply fears losing others. However, he possesses an incredible will, and can overcome these fears if he focuses on the fact that he needs to protect these people at all costs.

Kyle is gregarious and friendly, going out of his way to make friends and meet people. He's always ready with a smile and a handshake, and if you're his neighbor you'll know it. He's also a gigantic flirt - if it has boobs, he will make a pass at it. Still, he ultimately means well, even if he has a tendency to have wandering eyes even when he's in a steady relationship. Though he actually is a good boyfriend, his girlfriends have a habit of dying due to circumstances beyond his control. Hmm.

Finally, Kyle is every bit the artist. Ultimately he's never satisfied - it's for this reason that he craves so much recognition. Kyle constantly refines everything he does, continually re-adjusting his outlook and tactics to fit a given situation. Most of all, he's never truly satisfied with himself. For the most part, this is productive, allowing him to continue to push himself to learn and grow, but sometimes he can get a little obsessive, and he has on occasion fallen into fits of self-loathing, fearing that he's not good enough to protect the people he loves. He breaks out of this quickly enough with encouragement from his friends, however, complete with a jaunty smirk and the reassurance that he is, indeed, Awesome.

As an aside, Kyle is a huge nerd. He became an illustrator because of a love of pop culture and comic books, and canonically he makes constant references to just about every nerd thing you can think of. He has before made constructs that look like Gundam or Lagann from Gurren Lagann; he talks about Star Wars and video games; he makes references to Marvel Comics, basically he's one big fourth-walling machine. As such, I'll have a permissions post, since it's a rather large part of his personality. His favourite art style is Art Deco.

SUPERHERO NAME: The Derpiest Green Lantern
ALTER EGO: Kyle Rayner
For the sake of clarity, I would in fact like Kyle's tag to be 'Derpiest Lantern' in order to differentiate him from Guy (and any other lanterns we get)
POWER: Kyle has a green lantern ring, a powerful weapon based on force of will. As long as Kyle keeps his concentration, he can pretty much create anything he can think of in the form of solid-light constructs or energy blasts. In addition, the ring creates a thin force field around the wearer that protects them from the effects of the vacuum of space, gives them enhanced durability (they aren't quite bulletproof, but Kyle gets routinely slammed into walls and survives), and allows its user to fly. Finally, power rings act as miniature computers, complete with an auto-translation function that works for most languages.

While not the most powerful lantern in terms of his will, Kyle is certainly one of the most creative - as such, he has some of the most complex constructs of any lantern. Furthermore, while the Yellow Weakness has returned by this point in canon due to Parallax being imprisoned, Kyle has the ability to overcome the Yellow Weakness by concentration and recognition of fear.

Power rings hold only a limited charge, and any weakening of will or concentration can affect Kyle's ability to actually use his ring (for the most part, however, Kyle has incredible willpower, thus this is seldom a problem). How long the charge lasts varies, but for the most part it is limited by how large and complicated the constructs created are and how much damage the lantern takes. As the ring runs out of power, the protective force field it creates weakens, reflected by the uniform generated by the ring becoming frayed and torn. If the ring reaches 0% power, it falls dormant until it can be recharged.

Without the ring, Kyle is a normal human, albeit one with incredible willpower. In Cape and Cowl, he will have the power of being able to recharge his ring without a power battery. Charging the ring to full from 0% power takes him about an hour of uninterrupted concentration, and he will require eight hours of uninterrupted rest afterward before he can actually use the ring (though the ring's passive abilities will be reactivated).

COMMUNITY POST SAMPLE: [the audio feed clicks on accidentally - you can recognize one of the sounds as the voice of the greeter AI in the porter room. green text represents Kyle speaking.]

Welcome to the City, hero. Speak your alias clearly into the microphone to receive your customized tags momentarily.

Er..? Wait, what City? Where am I? Uh... look, I mean. If you guys need heroes there's easier ways to go about it. And I have work to do, like, you know. The whole Sinestro Corps thing? Yeah.

Welcome to the City, hero. Speak your alias clearly into the microphone to receive your customized tags momentarily.

Oh for god's sake! ... fine. "Green Lantern."

We're sorry. That alias is taken. Please select a different alias.

... of course it's taken, you stupid computer, there's always two Lanterns assigned to a - you know what, nevermind. It's fine, there can be two of us.

We're sorry. That alias is taken. Please select a different alias.

There's more than one Green Lantern! I don't need to select a different alias!

Error. Subject not complying. KSH ANALYZING if you aren't going to cooperate I'LL JUST HAVE TO CHOOSE SOMETHING FOR YOU

Hey, just give me a second to come up with something, okay? I'm thinki-

Hero Alias Selected. Hero Alias: Derpiest Lantern.

... EXCUSE ME?! What?! I'm not derpy! And I didn't say anything like tha -

[there is a whirr-click noise, and a clatter]

You may now take a Starktech communicator from the bin to your right. Have a pleasant day.

... fine, fine...



Man, I freaking love the audio function on these things. It's like, I can totally write up a post while I'm drawing. And if I get a construct up I can be all like, listening to everyone else's audio posts while I work.

Anyway that's not what this post is about so like...

Basically, today I was sitting and thinking to myself, "Man! We have a lot of people from fiction here." It's like this whole metafictional... thing... where like, I don't know, stuff we make up was actually true somewhere. Which I guess is totally possible since there's all those alternate universes out there. Okay, that's... beside the point. Again.

The actual point is: whenever someone who in this world is fictional gets Ported in, I noticed all the stuff about them? Bam! Gone. I was looking for Star Wars DVDs the other day, and there's none. Transformers? Nope. Harry Potter books? Nada. It's all gone.

This is just not cool, guys.

I'm not even meaning in the nerd rage kind of way, though there's a little of that. I mean... okay. Those of you who grew up on a version of Earth, during the 70's and 80's and 90's. Didn't this stuff have a huge influence on you as kids? Like, Star Wars, we all know Star Wars. I've seen the archive stuff of when Obi-Wan showed up. We had lightsaber battles in our backyards, we'd pretend we were Luke fighting the Empire. And you younger guys, who grew up in the 90's – I know that a lot of us hate the prequels, but it still got a whole new generation of kids believing in something bigger than they were. Believing in that one farmboy – no offense, Luke – could change the universe.

It's a concept I think that goes back way farther than our childhoods. Kids in the Victorian period had their faery tales – sometimes pretty dark – but they had them. And the Greeks had stories about Hercules and the Anglo Saxons had Beowulf and the Japanese had I think... Susano-o and the dragon and all kinds of stories about wandering samurai.

It's an important thing, it's part of our culture and we're kind of losing it here.

... god this is getting to be teal deer. Bear with me I swear I've got a point.

What I was thinking was this – I can't be the only Ported artist. There's gotta be more of you out there. Writers, too. And I know there's some of you with a head for business and layout.

I was thinking, we have crazy adventures in this city. I heard Godzilla attacked a while back. Jedi hang out with Skrull and dudes from Krypton. So...

Why not make a comic book series? About us? About our adventures, our lives? People could volunteer to tell their stories, and we'd get writers to write 'em out, and then those of us who can draw stuff would, y'know, draw stuff, and then we could publish it. And that way, even though people'd be constantly losing their childhood stories – that we can't do anything about – they'd get new ones. And then there'd be the added bonus of that they'd get to know us better. Not as those jerkwads who constantly buzz their offices on the way to do some kinda heroics, but as people.

... people in comics I guess but you get my meaning, right?

Problem is I'm really bad at organizing, y'know, anything Guy please don't mention how fail I was at restarting the GLC I tried man. So um. Help?


Concrete dust showered over him as he slammed into the side of a building, leaving a spiderwebbed impact crater. The huge robot... thing (supervillains seemed to come in cycles. Last week it was some crazy scientist who'd injected himself with super-serum; this week it was a dude in a robot suit. Go figure.) lumbered towards him, and Kyle thanked... well, okay, he wasn't exactly a believer in God, so he thanked... okay.

Thinking too much. He thanked the Guardians or Ion or whoever for the fact that the ring had a buffer field. He'd felt that impact, and he probably had some broken ribs... but broken ribs were way better than a broken spine.

"Right," he grumbled. "Jeez, this is amateur work. I mean... really? Robot armor while I'm trying to visit friends? I've got wayyy bigger fish to fry than you, buddy..."

The controller of the robot armor was not impressed. "I AM THE STEEL GIANT! I WILL CONTROL THIS CITY!" A massive laser blast shot towards him, and he willed himself out of the way, springing into the air and leaving a trail of green light behind him.

"Y'know, I wonder why the heck villains even try anymore," he grumbled. "It's like, Earth has so many heroes, why even bother, man?"

The guy behind the machine snarled, whirling on him. "I WILL CONTROL THIS CITY!"

"Yeah, yeah, I got it, I got it," said Kyle. And then he concentrated.

"One thing I learned from the 80's - the only thing for fighting giant robots? Other giant robots."

It was hard every time he did it. Hard, and simultaneously a rush, rewarding, an adrenaline jolt unlike any other. He reached into his will, he wanted, he pushed... and more than that, he imagined. First, the outline, the basic structure, the pose, sketched out in his mind, a wire-frame network in his inner-eye, the arm there, the head there; then the outer framework, the basic outline, the shape, filled in, lines swirling out and correcting themselves, slight tweaks of perspective and form; and then the details, always the details, people never realize how important details are until they're missing. Cleaning up the lines, solidifying, erasing the under-sketch, adding rivets and joints, a cockpit with controls, but also sketching from the inside-out. He learned early on that the ring tended to fill in gaps in one's imagination, but he, like John, was a perfectionist), dreaming how the inside looked. It wasn't necessary. The construct would work even if he just thought "I want a giant robot". But it was the principle of the thing. To Kyle, this was art, and art deserved attention, even if, like a Buddhist mandala, it would serve its purpose and vanish back into the ether whence it came, even if the only people who might see it would be himself and this idiot.

It didn't matter. This was his will, and his will demanded art.

The sketch grew around him, fading into view, and he felt (as he always did) that some part of his soul was poured into this. There came the wave of exhaustion as the last lines fell into place, as the machine spouted green steam from exhaust ports and he dropped back into a fighting stance with a smirk. The outline of the machine still jumped and wavered like an illustration, but it was there, solid and very real, or, at least, as real as constructs made of light and sheer tenacity could be. The weariness passed, bolstered by adrenaline, by will (always will) as he faced his enemy.

"Right, now that I'm properly dressed... let's do this," he said, and charged into battle.

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